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Your Inspiration is Needed - Available on Amazon

August 2018

Your Inspiration is Needed

This is the age of inspiration Most people only dream of this. They want a life of success, significance and impact, but the real question is, How?

Author Robert Christiansen set out on a journey several years ago to unravel what it means to live an inspired life.


Inspired Ventures - Are you searching for The key to Happiness

August 2016

If you’re searching for the ‘Key to Happiness’, then I have something important to share with you

‘It’s not out there in the world. It never was’.

So what is happiness?


Inspired Ventures - HOW LONG DO YOU HAVE TO LIVE

3 - 9 - 2012

If you feel you are a square peg in a round hole, that’s great, but don’t focus on the limitation of those differences, focus on the amazing opportunities that difference creates.

Inspired Ventures "You don't like the world out there? Change yourself."

May 2016

Do you ever get the feeling there is more to life than what we’re told or what we believe? There is a truth behind some of those movies we love to watch and imagine through. For a number of years, I have followed the teachings of a man who at deaths door stumbled through the secret doorway to unlimi


Inspired Ventures - Be the person you always dreamed of being

June 2017

Who’s creating the troubles we find our little world in? We are. Every one of us.


RockStar Lawyer - Available on Amazon

November 2016

I wrote this book with my business partner Elder lawyer Greg McIntyre to address the stagnant mindset of legal industry professionals.

Rockstar Business - Available on Amazon

Shelby House Publishing, Sept 2019 https://www.amazon.c ... 1070647810

Rockstar Business is the second in the Rockstar book series but stands alone as a business guide to entrepreneurs and business people world wide.


Self Help

Even this is an opportunity to be thankful

Dec 2015

I’m sure many people reading this would disagree with that headline. ‘How can this, whatever it is, be an opportunity to be thankful?’


Do you think I should visit?

Life Enrichment Center Newsletter Oct 2015, Oct 2015

“Do you think I should visit? They won’t remember me anyway.”

Have you ever heard someone say, “Do you think I should visit, they won’t remember me anyway?” I have heard this quite often, when people are asked to go visit an old friend or loved one in an assisted living facility,


Go ahead and scream

Life Enrichment Center Newsletter, Sept 2015

“Go Ahead and Scream” These stories come from caregivers. They are for all those putting on a brave face, because we all need something to grab hold of when things seem darkest. Many people reading this have at some level experienced the trauma you are going through and empathize complet



Ottley Whitehouse Builders

Webcopy, October 2015

‘If you love old houses, you will love the craftsmanship and work ethic of Ottley Whitehouse Builders.’

The house in Preston St Mary was built in the early 1700’s as two workers cottages. It’s located just outside of the historic town of Lavenham in as quiet and idyllic a village as any old house


LEC Fundraising Letter


Life Enrichment Center Life Enrichment Blvd Shelby NC Zip

Dear Friend,

You are my hero. For the last 36 years, I have been fortunate to watch the lives of care receivers and their families enriched, because of contributions from people like you. The contributions we receive enable


Ashford English Gardens

Sept 2015

Ashford English Gardens

Imagine an old house. Centuries of cold winters and hot summers have gnawed at its bones, creating the age and character that beautifies the environment surrounding it. Now picture the garden. What do you see?


Sage Owls

Jan 2016

Attention Caregivers

I watched helpless as my mother plunged into the pits of dementia hell..

If you are a caregiver, caring for a loved one, you will feel those words, like a hard slap in the face..


The heart of old time mountain music beats in Bryson City NC

Oct 2011

On most mornings around 10, the worn musty boards in the old Bryson City train depot begin to vibrate and hum from rhythmic tapping of footwear.


And suddenly I felt like one of them. Comicon Shelby 2016


Shelby North Carolina has now been added to the illustrious list of venues to host what can only really be described as, ‘a way of life’. Yes Comicon has reached its furry clawed robot talons even here, and I admit, I loved it.


The Peace of Mind App

Nov 2015

“Read this now, Because it’s time to get your s#*t together and send a profound statement to your clients..”


Spec Ads

Real Estate 15 & 30 second video scripts


Below is a 30 second script which uses a ‘unique selling proposition’ of ‘how do you judge value?’ My aim is to provide an advertisement that calls out to your potential client by advertising what they want.



This Place Makes You Feel Vulnerable

Touristtravel.com/blog, July 2010

The neon sign in front of the motel said it all: -18 degrees C. This was the coldest I had ever been, and it was only going to get colder.