Who ever said a Rav 4 isn't hard core


A Rav 4 is hard core.


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In the Yukon there is a downward stretch of road known locally as Suicide Hill because of the number of winter vehicle fatalities on it.                              

I lost days off my life going down that hill. The road surface was solid ice with ninety plus degree turns all the way down. There’s a basic roadside barrier to stop vehicles going over the cliff edge, but it is called Suicide Hill for a reason.

I have never been so scared in my life as our little Rav4 began the slow descent. The big loggers had pulled over at the top to put chains on. But we had no idea how steep and treacherous this section of road was, so we didn’t bother.

The stunning vista from the top was awe inspiring until we saw the icy path ahead getting smaller and smaller, disappearing around a hairpin corner in the distance. We knew one slip, just a small skid could send us hurtling down that long sleek hill to death’s corner below. I inched our Rav4 down in second gear, aware that if a trucker appeared in my mirror, I would have to speed up or risk getting bulldozed off the side of the mountain.

Our journey down took around ten minutes, or maybe it just seemed that long. My hands hurt from gripping the steering wheel, and every muscle felt stiff from resisting the fear. As weturned the finalcurve,Toed River Bridge at the bottom signaled to us, we had done it.

No one can ever say, a Rav 4 isn’t hard core.

Imagine what you could do in a Rav 4