The Heart and Soul of a Place

My in-laws live in an old village in England with an 11th century manor house from where the original owner rode off to fight in the crusades. Historic stuff maybe, but the village has lost a centuries old farming/community connection, its farmer’s market. It's quaint, yes, but it really has lost its heart.


Whether you live in a 12th century village in England or a rural community in western North Carolina, there is something about a place with a farmer's market. The farmer's market represents not only the town but the community spirit within it.


Without one, it feels as if decades or centuries of heart and soul have been lost.


Kings Mountain's may not be a thousand years old, but it has history and a unique element few other towns have: it has a railroad running through its center.


This bygone of the industrial age has it all, almost.


The farmer's market is the perfect companion to the history and soul of Kings Mountain.

It's time to get involved and keep the heart of this community beating loud.