Tales from the farmer's market


“In 1837, the farmers had had enough. They revolted, refusing to plant, sell.” Panic had ensued across the nation. Although not as radical, our farmers market today embraces the same spirit of change as those farming pioneers almost 180 years ago.  A food and craft inspired revolution has come to town and in more ways than one. 

While this is not a new approach, it is organized and full of fresh ideas for our community.

Last Thursday in the blazing late afternoon sun, the farmers market in Patriots park was transported back to the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780 by characters from Liberty Mountain, who appeared in full period costume. The Fultons sang from the gazebo, entertaining parents watching their children play in the splash pad and those members of the community who came to peruse goods exhibited by farmers and artisans alike.

The farmers market has come to town, so please join the Thursday revolution.