Kings Mountain Farmer's Market

Kings mountain Farmers Market

July 14th


On Thursday afternoons, I always feel like I have front row seats at a cool free concert in the park. The music is always so awesome. So many of the Nashville greats turn up.


Together with the added extra of fresh farmer’s market produce and samples of delicious pasta and pizza supplied by 238 Cherokee Grill, this is something many in the Kings Mountain area are missing out on.


The Liberty Mountain Players sang Scottish and Revolutionary era songs. Blues guitarist and singer Sam Havens showed what the guitar was created for. He played through the energy sapping heat that drove folks under shade to cool down on the POP Program lemon ices.


Join us on at Patriots Park in Kings Mountain on Thursday afternoons for the free musical farmer’s market. It will have you gesticulating and masticating before the screams of delight from kids on the splash pad have echoed in your ears.