Inspired Ventures - You are a miracle

You are a miracle

Life has a habit of jumping up and slapping you in the face. Sometimes it’s a tap, and sometimes it feels like you’ve been knocked flat.

These are your programs, your data, hidden within.

Each program is there to teach you something. Depending on how well you listen will determine how long you hold on to the program, and how loud the message gets.

Think upon these as your angels, tapping you on the shoulder, saying, 'hey, wake up, listen.' They will keep tapping until you listen, but most of the time we cannot hear this angelic tapping.

The second you let go of your beliefs, your programs, your data, you will realize you are the answer to your prayers.

You will finally be able to hear the inspiration under all the garbage you’ve been collecting your entire life.

You are the miracle.

But you must quieten your mind and let go of the voice within you that says, ‘You can’t,’ ‘You’re not smarter enough,’ ‘Who do you think you are?’

There is nothing you cannot do.