Do you struggle?

Do You Struggle With Low Self Esteem

For a long time, I struggled with low self-esteem. I had doubts about my ability to be successful in nearly every aspect of my life. My career in archaeology, physical anthropology, disaster management, writing and being a speaker, being a father and husband. All of these areas I have struggled with.

At times, I felt nothing could get in my way, I walked on clouds and talked with God, then the slightest thing occurred, and a darkness enveloped me. Not an overwhelming darkness, where hell entered my soul and I saw no hope. There was always a tunnel of light there, but it was still up to me to walk down that tunnel surrounded by darkness and find the light.

In darkness, I have lifted myself, using powerful quotations and the belief that the life I have, is created by my own consciousness, basically the programs and data I've held onto and my refusal to let go of these things.

One quote that always helped me find that tunnel of light and hope is by Neale Donald Walsch from one the 'Conversations With God' Books.

"In darkness, do not show your fist to heaven. Instead, be grateful for the opportunity to be the light in this darkness."

No matter how dark it appears, there is always light, there is always hope.