Inspired Ventures - Who is Responsible?

Who is Responsible

It is easy to get caught up in the world. Government, war, climate change, big pharma. We love to hear how corporations and those in charge get caught in lies and imprisoned all in the name of a buck. Can you feel the dark side rising? The anger fueling your distrust.

But underneath it all, who is responsible for such corruption? Are only those involved responsible?

What about you and I?

To clarify, responsibility does not imply blame. They are two different things. Blame is judgement. It’s just ego. Responsibility is acceptance of power.

Example: ‘You Jerk.’

While I was driving home recently, another driver almost caused a wreck. I felt the anger welling up, and cried out, ‘you jerk,’ and then, what I’d learned from my years of research, changed the entire event into a wonderful release, and an acceptance of my power.

I heard myself say in the turmoil, ‘you’re the jerk in me,’ and the anger dissolved. Even though a second before I wanted to slap that driver, now I felt love. I had recognized a lesson, ‘the jerk’ was not this driver, it was only in me. I experienced the jerk because it was in me. A universal nudge so to speak.

Maybe it was my guiding angel tapping me on the shoulder, saying, ‘isn’t it about time you let this go?’

Where did the anger come from after all?

It was from within me.

But the driver caused it, right?’ That’s blame coming in, judgement, ego. Forget about that.

Blame never solved anything. The event was merely a guide. I alone was responsible for holding that anger within me.

If we stop looking to governments, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, lawyers to solve our problems, and realize everyone is part of the problem and the solution, that we are all part of this collective consciousness, every aspect of life would improve.

We all bring our beliefs, fears, our creative power to the whole. It’s not just politicians or big pharma, everyone is responsible. Responsibility goes beyond our daily routine, our relationships, our finances. We’re all responsible for the world we see every day because that’s what we hold in our conscious world. We drag about the traumas of our past and use the pains to justify how unfair the world is.

This is a simple path to walk. Use what is happening in the world as a guide. If you feel anger, hate, disgust, frustration, etc, where do you feel it? It’s within you, saying, ‘you’re still holding on to this. Isn’t it time you let it go?’ Be responsible for the world you live in, because there's no one else who will be.