Inspired Ventures - Do you believe money will make you happy?

Do you believe

money will make you happy?

Here is an exercise I found interesting and enlightening.

Find a quiet space, somewhere you will not be bothered for a good ten minutes.

Now, once you have relaxed, think how your life would be, in as much detail as possible, if money was no object…

Be specific, you have just won two hundred million dollars. Imagine buying the luxuries you’ve always wanted, the cars, houses, jet, yachts, whatever does it for you, it’s all yours.

Get into this for a while.

How does it feel?

See and feel yourself wandering around that beautiful house. Once you’ve become accustomed to this fabulous lifestyle, ask yourself this, are you satisfied? You have it all after all, but do you feel fulfilled within yourself?

When I did this exercise to the full, I found something interesting: it’s not enough. The money didn’t fill the pit within me.

Now don’t get me wrong, having tons of money is great, if you are not dependent on it for your happiness.

If you depend on money for your happiness, you will always be a slave to it, you will have to buy more stuff just to fill the void within you.

This is why people who win money, even the big jackpots, tend to lose it all quite quickly.

They think the money will make them happy, and for a short time, the buzz they get from winning it all does have that effect, but then the buzz wears off. They begin to need more and more expensive luxuries just to recreate the same feeling they had originally.

They do this until the money’s all gone.

By doing this exercise you may come to the realization that you want something beyond just money.

Let me ask you this, what is it that fills you up inside? What deep-seated dream have you held to your heart for years?

Why are you not making that dream a reality?

What are you waiting for?

No one is going to knock on your door and hand you that dream. Only inspired action by you will make it happen.

So challenge yourself, take the first step.

Robert Christiansen Ashford

Author, Speaker, Blogger