Inspired Ventures - If only we acted like kids again

If only we acted like kids again

Remember when we were kids, our imaginations going wild, everything was playful. An empty box could hold the secrets of the universe, or be the tardis, transporting us to other dimensions and times.

Now forward a few years. How's being an adult treating you? I don’t have to paint a picture, right? Most adults go about their daily business holding in mind, stress, financial concerns, health issues, family worries, how others look at you. It’s amazing how reserved, unimaginative and fearful we have become considering we started out with such an unlimited, magical mindset.

We have forgotten how to live.

Most adults have lost that sense of play. We’ve been taught it’s immature to be playful. It’s a waste of time to think of wizards and magic and to use your imagination as you did as a child.

But think how it would be if every moment was as playful, magical and unlimited as it had been when you were little.

Whether you’re a manager, a writer, or a janitor sweeping the floor, if every moment you carried in your heart was filled with play, wonder and magic, your job, moment to moment, would become a fabulous factory of mystery, no matter what it was. Every moment would be a magical one, filled with excitement, wonder, and crazy adventures.

Is this too much of a stretch. You may be thinking it would be impossible to function on an adult level by using the imagination you dropped years ago?

First, would that be a bad thing? Let’s face it, adults are the reason life seems so stressful and messed up right now.

Second, it is not impossible to function as an adult by allowing your mind and heart to be filled with such imagination. It can only benefit you, your job and all those around you. Yes, they will think you’ve lost your wand, but so what. Most adults live the insane life anyway.

Look at fear. Fear is based on something that hasn’t even happened. When you base your reactions on something that is in effect imaginary, that’s called insanity, so what’s the difference.

The difference is, one leads to heart disease, discontent, and anger, while the other sends you over the rainbow into a world filled with everything and anything fantastic.

That’s the difference.

Being playful opens up the mind. It allows a world of possibilities to open up, where anything can happen and be achieved if only people would allow themselves to indulge.

Just remember what you achieved as a kid in your mind. The wonders you experienced, the places you went to, the excitement you created from that plain brown box.

Let the child that is still within you come out and play, even for half an hour each day. I promise you will become a happier, more excited, and more successful person for it.