Inspired Ventures - Because sooner or later it will be too late

Inspired Ventures

Because sooner or Later

it will be too late

Stop waiting to do things. Stop waiting until next year to take action. Stop putting things off because you’re afraid you’ll fail, or what people will think, or because your family thinks you’re crazy for trying.

Stop over thinking it, start to under think.

Make a commitment to improving yourself just one percent a week. (This comes from Copywriting legend Gary Halbert).

Just one percent, that’s nothing. That could be the time you waste watching some crap on tv that you’re not even interested in, but you tell yourself, ‘this is my de-stress time after work.”

Analyze how much time you waste by whatever it is you do. I’ll bet you waste a ton.

Use your time more effectively. Remember, you only have a certain amount of it.

Use it to make a small improvement in yourself each day. By weeks end you will have improved by that one percent in whatever arena you’re headed towards.

Don’t go through life hoping things will change, only to suddenly find you are too old to make your impact, or too old to do those things you are truly passionate about.

Don’t wait for those last years and regret you didn’t do it, because that will be your own personal hell, created by you, and there will be nothing you can do about it.

It will also come at you far quicker than you can imagine. Remember when you were eighteen? Exactly.

Start taking action Now. Just a little action. Break down each step. Set up your War room and begin to see the path you really want to take and make that first step happen.

It’s just a small step, followed by another small step, until you find yourself closing in on the finish line.

Even a marathon runner has to take that first step and then a million or more after it. A marathon runner doesn't think, ‘26 miles to go dude, that’s too much, I can’t do it.’

Stop making excuses.


It’s absolutely true. You hear it all the time. It’s said by people who only want an easy button to press.

Stop making excuses.

Break it down, plan your route and take action. Don’t wait to do this.


1- Write down what you want?

Really explore this idea. Most people when thinking of this question will have a very direct response, but when they are asked to write it down, will still have an empty page thirty minutes later.

Be honest about this. You don’t need to show anyone what you’ve written and it’s best if you don’t, but write it from the heart.

2- Break each thing down as far as possible to see the actionable steps you need to take.

3- Start taking action one small step at a time."

Taken from Rockstar Business by Robert Christiansen and Greg McIntyre